painted rooms, secret tunnels, fabulous Suites surranded by centuries of art, history and culture.

"Romanticism, Elegance and Historical Luxury in Casa Museo Palazzo Valenti Gonzaga - TAKE YOUR POWER IN A NEW WORLD OF THE VALENTI GONZAGA'S - "

Overnight in the seventeenth century Casa Museo Palazzo Valenti Gonzaga, an Historical Italian House, part of the Italian Historical Houses Association Circuit (DISA) and of the Mantua’s Museum System, is no longer a dream.

From September 2011, some prestigious Halls of the main floor of the Palazzo Valenti Gonzaga Gallery Museum as the "Room of the Triumph of Fame on Time", the "Room of Coats of Arms", the Chapel of Cardinal Silvio Valenti Gonzaga, the historical Tavern - in which there is the Secret Lodge of Carbonari - will be available for a night or a fabulous weekend.

Click here to see some photos of the little garden of the Casa Museo Palazzo Valenti Gonzaga



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